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Looking for sports-based training? Look no further! Browse our marketplace of experienced personal trainers to find your perfect match.

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    Our freelance coaches are curated from around the world, so you have the pick of the best.

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    Payment is secure and simple. 80% goes to your coach and 20% to Fitmo.

  • Affordable

    Subscriptions from $40 per month- we believe in affordable and accessible training.

  • Flexible

    Change up your coach or cancel your subscription whenever you want.

  • Anna

    Lost 22Lbs
    A year ago, I didn't believe that I'd be in the best shape of my life, today.
  • Eugene

    Ran his first 15 KM
    Fitmo has made it easy for me to stay in shape while travelling for work.
  • Maaike

    Ran her first marathon
    I went from being a couch potato into becoming a marathon runner.


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