Hundreds of Webinars hosted by the best health coaches.

Give your employees access to hundreds of webinars so they can learn about their topics of interest the moment they are ready for it. Our carefully curated coaches share their knowledge and experience in a variety of webinars organised all year round.


Unlimited access to 100+ webinars all year round.

Webinars are a great instrument to help build awareness and offer pragmatic tips and inspiration to help someone get started. With a wide range of topics, you will be able to cater to everyone’s interest.


You want to ‘Strike while the iron is hot’.

A key success factor in behaviour change is that one is not slowed down once they come to the realisation that they want to make a change. Giving your employees access to a wide range of topics all year round means that health-momentum can be kept high.


Live health and lifestyle webinars.

Webinars are hosted by coaches who all have different specialities, from nutrition to work-life balance. They share their knowledge, experience, tips and tricks on varied health and lifestyle topics that will help your employees in their personal health journey.

Anonymity equals lower barrier to entry.

By design, we’ve made it possible for the employee to join webinars completely anonymous. This helps to lower the barrier for those who are conscious of what others might think of them. Removing this potential concern helps to attract an even wider audience, and, as you can imagine, these are typically individuals who need it the most.

Missed a webinar? No problem!

All webinars are recorded and available on the platform for a week after the event. So employees have full access to webinars if they missed the live event or simply want to watch it again.

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