Smart technology designed to raise employees’ health awareness, while you focus on other important things.

Fitmo Vitality Hub combines technology and behaviour change science to encourage people to recognize unhealthy behaviours and offers support to help them get inspired, motivated, educated, in short, to help them change their ways.

How we transform individuals and organisations.

We help organizations build happier, healthier, more-fulfilled workforces by giving your workers access to the tailored support they need to advance in all aspects of their lives.

By investing in your employees with coaching, you’re building a high-performing culture that boosts your company’s growth.


Fitmo ‘brain’ decides which behaviours are likely to be important per employee.

Regardless of the number of employees that make up the workforce, it determines Who gets What, When.

The contents of every email is unique.

Personalization is key if the goal is to drive awareness and sustainable behaviour change.

A lot more great content can be found in the Vitality Portal.

The vitality portal is also tailored to the employee’s personal profile, ensuring content is always relevant.

Employees can fine-tune their interests even further if they wish.

In addition to Fitmo technology making educated content suggestions, an employee can also go in and determine the type of content they’d like to see.

Which makes the portal and newsletters even better.

The Fitmo Vitality Portal is a kind of ‘Netflix’ for vitality. All content tailored to every individual’s needs.

Fitmo learns and adapts to help individuals live healthier lives.

Fitmo ‘brain’ can be trained using different sources, such as the ones below.

A solution designed to include everyone.

Our scientifically validated approach is designed to provide value for all employees within the organisation. Most likely, your current prevention efforts are well-received by a small audience (quadrant C). But how do you include the higher-risk profiles (quadrant A)? Fitmo vitality hub has been carefully created to gradually build awareness. Personalisation is key to help persuade these individuals to consider their habits and make the next step as simple as possible.


Intelligent delivery of the right stimuli.

It’s not easy to offer personalised content and services to a large selection of employees. Every individual is unique, and so are their personal challenges. Our fully automated system ensures that each employee receives content that fits their personal needs.

Avoid unnecessary confrontation.

As an employer or HR manager, it can be difficult to directly intervene in an employee’s lifestyle without compromising your relationship. As a result, these confrontations are often avoided to a point where people fall ill. With Fitmo, you can simply flag an employee’s undesired behaviour and the system will distribute the right stimuli to help create awareness in the very early stages.

Top of the line marketing strategy.

No more generic mass mailings that don’t actually match the needs of the individual. It’s a waste of time and money. We use the best emailing and persuasion techniques, in combination with great content, to optimize conversation and bring health awareness to the employees who struggle the most. Fitmo takes care of everything – the content, the mailing, the reporting, so you can focus on other important things.

On-demand access to health content.

Employees have access to curated content when they need it, which helps them stay on track with their health goals. Our platform automatically adjusts the content to the employee’s profile and usage. As a result, they are not bombarded with irrelevant content that would scare them away. Instead, they get what matters the most to them.


Increase the trust, lower the barrier.

Some employees are reluctant to participate in interventions where their identity is known by their employer or colleagues, especially if they believe that their personal health and lifestyle might affect their professional life. Fitmo removes this concern by offering 100% anonymous participation, making it more attractive, especially for higher-risk profiles.

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