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Vitality Starter

from €17 / month

Give your employees access to personalised health content and offer support to help them get motivated. 

  • Personalised newsletters
  • Unlimited access to Fitmo’s Health Portal for tips & tricks, articles, and much more
  • Unlimited webinars, live or on-demand

Vitality Plus

from €44 / month

The ultimate vitality care package for your staff. You get everything from the Vitality Starter package, plus:

  • On-demand consultations with a coach 
  • Online Health Coaching via the Fitmo app 
  • Vitality scans & ROI analysis

Online Coaching

from €57 / month

In case you want to include Online Health Coaching to your vitality offerings, without all the other features.

  • Online Health Coaching programmes
  • Entire workflow management
  • Detailed reporting options