Are you sabotaging your own efforts to weight loss success by thinking you “can’t do it”?

Being successful in anything, including weight loss success, can be accomplished by applying the following S.M.A.R.T. guidelines for behavioural changes:

1.Specific- Define your goal. “I want to lose weight.” or “I want to lose body fat.”

2. Measurable- Your weight loss goal needs to be measurable in order to know if you are progressing. “I want to lose 20 lbs.”

3. Action- What action steps will you take in order to reach your goal? “I will go to the gym after work each day and walk 20 min on my lunch hour.”

4. Realistic- If your goal is not realistic you will set yourself up for failure. Let’s say your goal is realistic, but your actions are not. You will still set yourself up for disappointment. Maybe you can plan to go to the gym each day after work, but what if it is raining and you need to miss a day of walking on your lunch hour? Be committed, but be flexible and reasonable. So maybe instead, “I will go to the gym on Mon/Wed/Fri and get 10k steps in per day.” Set realistic goals and if you do more, then great!

5. Timed- When do you want to accomplish this goal? Maybe you are motivated by a vacation coming up? Maybe a wedding? “I want to lose 20 lbs by July 29.” Having a reasonable target date will help you keep your eye on the prize!

By Fitmo Coach, Carol Keller

Do you look in the mirror and say “Who Am I?” Do you want to feel younger, confident, & have more energy? As a woman over 40, I understand the struggles that woman our age go through. I’ve been a diet and exercise coach for over 10 years and I want to help you get YOUR sexy back & put that confidence back in your strut!

Learn more about Carol, and working with her via the Fitmo app here.

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