Want to get into the swing of things this January with a training program crafted by one of our expert trainers? Struggling to know where to start? Here’s some highlights and info on our best-selling training programs. As an added bonus, training programs are 50% off until January 7th – don’t miss out!

Fat Loss Beginner Program

Coached by: Mitch Heaslip

This 8-week program is perfect for the gym newbie looking to slim down and muscle up. During the program, Mitch will guide you in burning fat, building strength and gaining lean muscle. Strength training makes up the bulk (pun intended) of this training program, with cardio training as the icing on the cake. Also included in this program are weekly nutritional tips from Mitch to help you kickstart a host of new, healthy habits.

Price: $22 (with discount)

6 Week Beach Body Program

Coached by: Jan Volmer

It doesn’t have to be Summer to start working towards your beach body! Our coach Jan has created a 6-week workout based around bodyweight training. Strengthen your core and the rest of your body, and fine-tune your nutrition to supply you with bags of energy to smash your training and recover in no time! You’ll be happy to find there’s no cardio exercises in this program – you’ll be working hard enough during your supersets and burning more calories than you would with just plain old cardio. Get the beach body you’ve always dreamed of with this program!

Price: €15 (with discount)

10K and Marathon Programs

Coached by: Haile Gebrselassie’s Team

Running legend Haile Gebrselassie is sharing his elite running tips and tricks with you with bespoke training programs on Fitmo. Choose your fitness level, the event you’re training towards and how often you’d like to work out and receive a training program complete with videos from the man himself and recipes with an Ethiopian flair. Along with your program, one of Haile’s handpicked team of coaches will be there with you every step of the way via text chat to guide and motivate you on the journey to your big event!

Price: €29 – €79 (with discount)

Beginners Guide to Shaping Your Diet

Coached by: Luc Maessen

If you’re a serial yo-yo dieter who can’t seem to stick to their New Year’s diet resolutions, or clueless about nutrition, this program by our coach Luc is for you! In this 4-week program, you’ll learn all the basics of nutrition, how it affects your weight and what you can change so you shift some pounds. You’ll keep a food diary, and with the help of Luc’s weekly contact you’ll gain insight into your eating habits and how to shift the bad ones. Suggestions of healthy meals and all this brilliant nutritional advice comes complete with three workouts a week. An amazing start to the year for you, a friend or a family member – start as you mean to go on!

Price: €50 (with discount)

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