Resistance bands are a cheap and effective addition to any workout regime. They come in many sizes, strengths and lengths and they’re portable – so you can take them anywhere! This makes them super easy to do resistance band exercises anywhere – at home, work, or even when you’re travelling. While they might not seem as ‘intense’ as barbells, if you know how to use them they can help you tone up for the body you’ve always dreamed of! You can even use a resistance band to prevent pain in your neck, back and hips. The only thing they (sadly) can’t do is work out for you! We’ve collected a few of the most popular resistance band moves – we’ll tell you how you should be doing them, and what they’re targeting.

Resisted Pushup

Good For: Back, Chest, Arms, Core
We’ll start with the basics! Hopefully you know how to do an efficient pushup – this is just amping it up a little. Hold the resistance band with one end in each hand, with the band stretched across your upper back/shoulders and under your armpits. Get into pushup position, keeping the ends of the band under your hands and proceed to complete your set of pushups.

Front Squat

Good For: Legs, specifically quads
With your legs shoulder width apart, stand on the band. Hold the two ends of the band in each hand, or the handles if your band has them. Bring the ends of the band over each shoulder, then squat by sitting straight down with your chest up and your knees over your toes.

Standing Bicep Curl

Good For: Arms, biceps in particular (as the name suggests!)
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, standing on the centre of the resistance band. Grab each end of the band, or the handles if it has them. Palms upwards, raise your arms towards your shoulders by bending at the elbow. You should feel the stretch in your muscles.

Kneeling Crunch

Good For: Abs
Attach your band to a high anchor point, like the top of a door. Grab each end of the band and kneel down, with the band’s anchor point behind you. Engaging your core, crunch in a downward motion, towards your hips.


Good For: Hamstrings, Butt
Kneel on the floor with your hips stacked above your knees. Hook the centre of the band over the arch of your left foot, and place your palms on the floor in front of you with the ends of the bands under your palms. Flex your foot and raise your left leg upwards, so your foot ends up higher than the rest of your body. Lower your leg back to the ground and repeat. Swap legs after you’ve finished your set!

Reverse Lunge

Good For: Legs
Stand in a lunge position, with your back heel off the ground. Place the centre of the band under your front foot and hold each end of the band (or handle) at shoulder height. Bend both knees to work your body into the stretch. Don’t forget to complete the same number of reps with the other leg in front!

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