Subscription boxes, although a fairly new trend, are hugely popular. It’s for good reason! For a set price a month, you get an exciting package full of goodies delivered straight to your door. There’s a wealth of different kinds – make-up, crafts, hobbies and of course, health and fitness. With so many to choose from (check out Cratejoy for pages and pages of them!) we’ve put together this handy guide detailing the best of the best, and who exactly they’re perfect for.

Barbella Box

Who it’s perfect for: Functionally fit ladies

The Barbella Box team are constantly scouring for the best in functional fitness items specifically for women. Their boxes contain anything from apparel to equipment, snacks to supplements. There’s also added workout tips contained in the boxes too! These boxes full of premium items can be themed or even curated by female athletes – it varies month to month, so you’ll never get bored!

Price: $49.99 per month

Muscle Crate

Who it’s perfect for: Supplement fans

Anyone who’s always lusting after the perfect supplement to complement their workout will love this box! Each month, you receive 10+ samples of varying supplements to try out. These can range from protein powder to supplementary drinks and snacks, all aimed at helping you to get the best out of your body! The great thing about Muscle Crate is that if you find one of the samples really works for you, you don’t have to go digging for it. They have a shop with all the supplements from each box available, with deals for customers on pretty much everything. Every supplement junkie’s dream!

Price: From £15 per month

Yogi Surprise

Who it’s perfect for: Zen masters

As the name suggests, Yogi Surprise is perfect for people who are all about yoga. Each month you receive 6 – 8 full-sized (!) yoga lifestyle products, which can range from anything from aromatherapy candles to yoga mats. The great thing about the products in this box is that they’re all non-GMO, vegetarian and cruelty-free! You get a lot of bang for your buck too – last month’s retail price came to a whopping $87.50. If you’re feeling all zen, this could be the perfect box for you!

Price: $44.95 per month

Bulu Box

Who it’s perfect for: Weight watchers

Trying to lose weight, or even just maintaining your healthy weight? Step right up, Bulu Box! This affordable offering comes full to the brim with deluxe samples of the best healthy eating or weight loss products. Choose from the original Bulu or the weight loss box, fill in a survey so they know just what makes you tick and it’s as easy as that! Like the Muscle Crate, their website has a shop where you can buy full-sized versions of the samples in your box, if you find your ‘holy grail’ product.

Price: From $10 per month

Runner Crate

Who it’s perfect for: Running fanatics (obviously!)

This one’s for all you marathon maniacs out there. Runner Crate provides you with 4 – 6 running-centric products every month, to take the stress out of finding the perfect running companions. Products are mostly snacks that are perfect for when you’re out and about running, but can also include running gear and other things. Want to dip your toes before you take the plunge and opt for the full box? They have a mini ‘Warm-up’ crate for $18 so you can get a taste of what you’ll be getting.

Price: From $42 a month

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