A lean, toned stomach or a ripped six pack may be one of the most sought after fitness goals out there. Many of us slave away over crunches and planks, without seeing any real difference – leading us to believe that shifting our stomach fat may be near impossible! As well as the dreams of lean abs instead of a belly pouch, the abdomen is seen by health experts as one of the unhealthiest places to have excess fat. Excess fat can be eliminated through freezing procedures like coolsculpting. So where are we going wrong?

Why Is It Bad For Me?

Your stomach fat comes in two types – subcutaneous and visceral. It’s the visceral stuff that you want to be keeping an eye on! Subcutaneous fat sits in front of your muscles, it makes up the pudge on your stomach (if you have it!) that you can grab with your hands. Visceral fat sits behind your muscles, around your internal organs. Visceral fat can cause increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as a host of other diseases, so you want to keep it in check!

Stomach Fat Is Awkward

Basically, unless you only have fat on your tummy, targeting it specifically isn’t an option. When you start accumulating fat, it goes on your stomach – surrounding your internal organs – first. This is the reason why when you start losing body fat, you often see the weight drop off your face, arms, shoulders and chest first. The fat cells in your abdomen are also harder to shift as they are more resistant to fat mobilisation than other areas – this whole point is super science-heavy and would take a blog post in itself to explain, but for more info try this article.

Your Diet Is All Wrong

Even if you’re slogging it at the gym, shredding reps of core-strengthening exercises, having a bad diet will guarantee that you won’t see those results you’re lusting after. Your main enemies here are sugar and trans fats. It’s easy to overeat sugar, so make sure you’re checking labels and regulating your intake! Trans fats are any healthy body’s worst nightmare – they’re often found in processed foods, and can contribute to fat settling in your stomach area.

Your Workout Plan Needs To Diversify

As with anything, variety is key when coming up with your perfect workout schedule (which is why a personal trainer is a great help when you’re just starting out with fitness!) If you’re only focusing on cardio or strength/resistance training, you may have a harder time shifting your belly fat than a combination of both. While strength training targets and strengthens (duh) your muscles, intense cardio is great for the sheer amount of calories it burns. Try and fit both into your schedule for a match made in ab heaven!

How have you fared in your efforts to shift your stomach fat? Comment and let us know!

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