Hey. I’m discomfort, and I’m here to change your life.
A funny thing happens when you walk in the rain and decide not to be a drama queen about it.

Instead of running, covering your head with your arms, and cursing the heavens for your terrible luck, you just walk to your car, casually, like it’s a normal day.

You realize it’s just water, it doesn’t feel that bad, and the worst part about it is the dramatics we add to the experience.

Sure, wet clothes aren’t ideal. But still, our suffering is found in our response to the rain, not in the rain itself.

The problem is, we’re comfort junkies.

And this addiction to comfort doesn’t just affect how we deal with the rain. It affects our health, physical fitness, our work, and just about everything else that sits outside our comfort zone.

We’re so addicted to comfort, we sacrifice our future for it. Then we wonder why we’re so frustrated with ourselves for not living up to our potential.

I Don’t Care if It Tastes Like Cardboard

I was listening to a Jordan Peterson video on YouTube this morning, and he was talking about the role a good breakfast plays in our anxiety levels.

Through thousands of hours of research, he’s found that eating a protein-rich breakfast (as opposed to a carb-heavy breakfast, or no breakfast at all), can potentially cut people’s anxiety levels in half.

Then he noted that many people, before even trying, will say, “But I’m not hungry in the morning.”

To which Peterson replies, “This isn’t about enjoyment. I don’t care if it tastes like cardboard.”

The point is, it’s a small sacrifice for such a dramatic long-term effect. An effect we too often sacrifice for our short-term comfort.

“Is This What I was Created For? To Huddle Under the Blankets and Stay Warm?” -Marcus Aurelius

In the book, ‘Meditations,’ by Marcus Aurelius, he constantly reminds himself that man is not built for comfort. Although he may want to stay huddled up in the warm sheets, it’s not what he was built to do. It’s not how he’s meant to contribute to the world, and it’s not what’s going to lead to his most meaningful life.

So, with this in mind, he forgoes comfort for a greater contribution and a greater version of himself.

Pick Your Sacrifice

Something, somewhere is getting sacrificed, and it’s up to you to decide what that is.

It may be your short-term comfort…

…or it may be a leaner, stronger body. It might be your contribution to the world. It might be the quality of your life.

You choose.

Does that mean you can’t ever kick back and watch TV? Sleep late? Or demolish an Oreo Blizzard?

Of course not. The point isn’t to renounce comfort. The point is to realize in every situation, something is being sacrificed in favor of something else. And choosing short-term comfort has a low return on investment.

The alter is set, and whether we like it or not, something is going to burn. The good news is, you get to choose what that is.

By Fat Loss Expert and Fitmo Coach, Mitch Heaslip

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