Some people love ’em, some people hate ’em. We’re talking about rest days. Do you need them? Or are they just a global conspiracy to keep you weak? ​

With summer just around the corner, we have a ton of people starting training and nutrition programs (If you need help with yours, shoot me an email…I know a guy), and motivation is at an all time high. In fact, motivation may be as high as it ever will be.

When motivation is running that hot, the thought of a rest day makes you scoff.

“Nah Mitch… I’m done resting. It’s time to do this thing.”

I get that. And I want you to win. But here’s the thing.

There are two sides to every coin. Which means a coin needs to have two sides to be complete.

Just like the coin, every force in the universe has an equal opposing force. For any force to work optimally it needs to be balanced by it’s opposite.

Think of it this way. The harder you train, the harder you need to recover. The harder you recover, the harder you can train.

Recovery Is Key

Here’s another example of this at work. When you meditate, you may successfully clear all the thoughts from your mind, creating empty space. It’s only in this empty, thoughtless space where you can access your greatest wisdom in the form of intuitions.

You can’t listen to your heart when your mind is chattering away. A thoughtless mind makes way for more wisdom. Just like rest makes way for stronger workouts.

So you do need recovery days to reach your goals, just as much as you need workout days. I recommend between 1-3 recovery days, depending on your workout schedule. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to sit on the couch dreaming about your next kettlebell swing.

Use these days for lighter workouts. Walks, softball, yoga, etc.

If you really want to maximize your results, think of ways to enhance your recovery.

For example, plan your bedtime schedule as diligently as you plan your workouts. Take Epsom salt baths, do yoga to lengthen tight muscles, eat plenty of high quality food.

If you take your recovery as seriously as you take your training, your training will thank you for it. You’ll experience faster fat loss, strength gains, a less achy body, and better cognitive function.

By Fat Loss Expert, and Fitmo Coach, Mitch Heaslip

Mitch is going to get you into the best shape of your life! But what’s his secret? Mitch has developed solid methods that work for both men and women in losing weight and building muscle. With his very flexible approach, Mitch can tailor his methods to anyone. When it comes to building strength, muscle, and losing fat, his approach is second to none!

Learn more about Mitch, and working with him via the Fitmo app here.

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