My poor diary! It has been taken over by lists. At the bottom of every day, winking at me, is the trip to the gym (when the kids have gone to bed). Every time I flick through, it taunts me, I am failing miserably to work on myself. I don’t know about other mothers but the onslaught of tea time, tidy up, bathing, reading (not me reading the newspaper obviously) then tucking them in and kissing their heads. When that’s all done, so am I!

To be a good mom I need energy, I have to eat properly and quite a lot! Very luckily I burn it off running round after my tribe so, I am now back in my ‘skinny’ jeans after stopping breast feeding a couple of months ago. This however does nothing for my strength and flexibility, which are the key areas I suffer. I don’t have any help from family or paid childcare on a regular basis. My choices are, before my husband goes to work (so in the gym at 6.30am) or after 7pm (if I am lucky and he’s not working late). If you have been up a couple of times in the night changing diapers or rocking a baby for 30 mins, that 6.00am alarm is immediately snoozed.

I was at such a loss, I could not see any possible way of finding the time or energy. Reaching out to someone who could help, a health professional, a friend or a family member, was a step I knew I needed to take. I reached out to an online personal trainer at Fitmo who I talked at great length with about my problem. She was so nice and helped me talk it all through. It was good to put the focus back onto me, my health and my body!

Now I work out at home with a ball, some weights and a matt. I do a mixture of very short workouts and pilates everyday, so I don’t have to set aside big chunks of set days, that are more likely to be disrupted. I do my weights and more strenuous workouts at nap time during the day and my squats daily while I am brushing my teeth. In the evening I have made time to do my pilates, stretching and matt work as a way to relax after the kids bed time.

I have found a way to make it all work but somedays I have no choice but to skip it, I can’t help that, I have other responsibilities. I try not to beat myself up or feel negatively about my progress. I just work harder the next day to make up for it.

I have to thank my trainer for coming up with these home micro workouts, they are really working for me! I feel stronger and I have more energy for my kids! Happy mamma, happy kids, happy life!

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