You’ve felt it by now – Winter is coming. And what better way to quash the icy blues than to try a new fitness class? The change up will give you bags of motivation, making your Christmas fitness regime a breeze! (try saying that 3 times fast)

We’ve chosen the top 3 trendy fitness classes that you should be giving a try to stay warm and toasty when the wind is howling outside.


Spinning’s energetic cousin, these classes really ramp up the energy. Whereas spinning is just outdoor cycling done inside, SoulCycle (and the classes it’s inspired) is another thing entirely.

Intense cardio in the form of stationary bike workouts, mixed with arm exercises and standing sections lay the basis for this class. Your instructor will be there every step of the way guiding you and shouting words of encouragement. Mix this in with intense, heart-pumping beats carefully picked to match the workouts, and you’ve got a class that’ll leave your muscles burning and your head pumping.

Before you get used to it, the class may leave you feeling ready to melt into a puddle on the floor. However, it’s a killer workout and so worth it – get ready to be in the best shape of your life!

Perfect for: People seeking super high-intensity workouts with an amazing soundtrack!

Aerial Fitness

We’ve reached the future, ladies and gentleman. Tell someone 20 years ago that it’s the norm to do fitness classes hanging from a sling and they’d probably laugh – but it’s reality!

The most popular class offered in this style is aerial yoga – the sling allows a variety of movement that you just don’t have sitting on the floor, and the core strength needed to keep you stable will give you shredded abs in no time.

If you’re not such a yoga convert, there are classes focusing solely on core and even pilates-based classes! Any one you choose will result in a full body workout, testing your flexibility and working your core to the max.

Perfect for: Shredding abs and improving flexibility


Possibly the most popular fitness class trend of 2017, boxing looks set to stay relevant in 2018. You’ve seen boxers – they’re ripped for a reason! And now, for those of us not actually trying to go pro, ‘fun’ boxing classes are popping up everywhere. As London’s Kobox describes it, it’s ‘Fight Club meets Nightclub’! Whether you are boxing in London or another area in the world, you will want to do some great boxing training to make sure that you are ready for any fight, training properly with the right intensity and proper body movements will ensure that you are ready.

A proper boxing-based workout is not only high-intensity cardio, but a complete full body workout too. All your muscles will be in on it, everything will be toned! It’s no surprise that boxing is a favourite of the body-inspo Victoria’s Secret girls.

Boxing is also great for getting out some of your stress and aggression. What better way to work out those arguments going around in your head than letting it all out on a shadowboxing partner or boxing bag?

Perfect for: A full-body workout to work out all your frustrations!

Did you try any of these classes in 2017, or will you be giving any of them a try in the New Year? Let us know!

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