Everyone loves vacation, but it can seriously interfere with your workout/diet plan. Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t avoid vacation altogether, but you shouldn’t let your fitness regime ruin it either! Half of the fun of visiting somewhere new is trying the local restaurants and taking time off from your usual routine. On the other hand, you don’t want to ruin all your hard work in one two-week blowout of piña coladas and barbecues! You should aim for fitness ‘maintenance’ – around 50% of your usual workout effort. Summer is finally upon us, so we’re here to give you some easy and foolproof ways to keep fit on vacation.

Walk Walk Walk

Those boots were made for walking… well, your running shoes were anyway. Make sure to pack some comfortable shoes and try seeing a new place by foot. Opt for the stairs over the elevator, even in places like the Eiffel Tower! Instead of getting on a tram or trolley to see the city sites, walk. Not only will you keep up your fitness levels, you’re also likely to stumble across shops and eateries that you won’t find if you’re zipping around in a taxi. Another great way to fit extra walking into your vacation is to ask at the front desk of your hotel for a map of local walking paths – you’ll burn some extra calories and hopefully see some beautiful sites!

Pack Smart

As well as packing some comfortable shoes, there are other things that can help you maintain your fitness levels while away. If you have a pedometer, make sure to include it in your carry-on, or just wear it to the airport (sneak in some extra steps walking to the terminals!) If you’re really committed to the cause, try packing a resistance band – you can do all sorts of body-toning exercises that’ll keep your bod looking great even from your hotel room!

Be An Early Bird

So the saying goes… he catches the worm. And that saying rings true, especially for keeping fit. You may have a relaxing day at the pool planned, or a day visiting museums –  even an amazing meal at night. If you’re the first to wake up, you can easily fit in an outdoor walk/run, time in the hotel gym, or (if you’re lucky enough to be in a hot climate) a morning swim. After a morning workout, you’ll have the whole rest of the day to indulge in all the exciting things your destination has to offer!

Keep Hydrated

Dehydration is any athletes worst nightmare, and if you’re vacationing in a hot climate, there’s even more of a risk. The warm weather and the cocktails are great for relaxing, but a lot of people don’t up their water intake to make up for it! What you may not have known, is that dehydration packs a one-two punch. If you’re dehydrated, your body can mistake this for hunger – meaning you’re more likely to snack and end up overeating. Make sure you drink water throughout the day to keep you topped up and stop you reaching for the snacks!

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