Healthy eating can seem like a minefield – you see people on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all posting their healthy meals with hashtags like #cleaneating and #mealprep, but it can sometimes seem impossible to achieve by yourself! Infographics are everywhere, if you have Pinterest, you know what i’m talking about. They’re a super easy way to get across a lot of information in bitesize form that’s also nice to look at. So, to help you out on your way to your summer bod, we’ve compiled the best of the best so you can feel like a nutritionist in your own right!

1. Know how to curb overeating

This chart is a perfect starting point for your diet. You should always keep your hunger cues in mind before you eat, to ensure you’re never overeating, eating your emotions or bored eating!

2. Learn the difference between good and bad carbs

Low-carb diets are always trending, but not all carbs were created equal. There’s no need to cut every single carb out of your diet, you just need to be specific about the ones you choose to include! This infographic will help you slimline your carb intake to only include the good carbs.

3. Healthy eating for your heart

High blood pressure and cholesterol getting you down? Try incorporating these heart healthy foods in your diet, your heart will thank you later!

4. Full of fibre

There’s plenty of reasons you should be eating enough fibre. Not only does it regulate your blood sugar levels and aid your digestive system, it also keeps you feeling full and satisfied all day, so you’re less likely to binge on snacks!

5. Your shopping list made easier

The ultimate cheat sheet for what to buy when you’re trying to eat clean. Print this out and take it with you to the supermarket, and keep a check whenever you throw something into your cart – your haul should be much healthier!

6. How do you curb your cravings?

Another perfect cheatsheet to give your diet a healthy makeover. Cravings are natural – everyone has them – but giving into them can be bad news for your diet! Try this chart and switch to a healthy alternative when you feel a craving coming on.

7. All the vitamin and mineral knowledge you’ll ever need

The perfect play-by-play guide to which vitamins and minerals benefits which parts of your body. They also add in handy suggestions on which foods to include in your diet if you’re aiming to get more of specific vitamins!

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    Great information about healthy eating in these infographics. Really appreciated.

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