The holidays are here! You might be feeling the festive spirit already, seeing Christmas decorations and feeling the chill on icy winter nights. However… you might also be worrying about staying fit amongst all the festive food and parties. Fear not, we’ve come up with the best tips to keep you looking toned and not so Santa-shaped!

Plan your diet wisely

Make sure you don’t skip meals. Skipping meals gives us a tendency to feel like we’re ‘saving up’ calories for later. Chances are you’ll end up eating way too many calories later to make up for that missed breakfast!

Remember regulate your food intake. If there’s any time to indulge, it’s during the holidays! Christmas parties are the perfect time to spoil yourself with some delicious treats that you don’t get to eat often. However, make sure to focus on your fullness – keep an eye on your hunger and satiety cues. Avoid going back for seconds if you’re already full, no matter how good the buffet is!

Drink water & limit your empty calories

As always, remember to drink enough water. Staying hydrated will keep all your bodily processes working at optimum levels, but it’ll also keep you full so you don’t overindulge!

Pay special attention if you’re at events where you’ll be drinking alcohol – balance your tipple with some non-alcohol drinks too. When you’re having fun and drinking (which you should on the holidays!) your calorie intake can shoot up, as lots of alcohol is full of empty calories, which don’t actually give your body anything good. Obviously you don’t have to avoid all festivities or become teetotal – just be mindful. Alternate your alcohol drinks with water, and you should be good!

Don’t forget about workouts

Although you do want to let loose over the holidays, you don’t want to completely neglect your workouts completely! If you have a usual routine of going to the gym or to classes, stick to it – it’ll make getting back into fitness easier after all your partying is done!

If you are going to skip some of your workouts, don’t avoid strength-based ones! If you skimp on these, you’ll start to lose muscle mass that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Don’t let it go to waste – lifting weights can burn calories just like cardio can!
You may need to adjust the timing of your workouts during the holidays, depending on events and family time. Try doing your workouts early in the morning – it’ll leave you the whole rest of the day free to celebrate and be merry. Try HIIT for quick, at home workouts that pack a punch!

Get outside and set goals

Winter weather? It’s tempting to stay inside, snuggled under blankets drinking hot cocoa to avoid it all. Don’t let this stop you! You can actually work the low temperatures to your advantage. Your body has to work harder to warm itself up in cold weather, so getting outside is actually a good thing! Try going for walks with family or friends, or for a brisk bike ride. Alternately, you could have a No More Beach styled holiday whereby you would go walking, running and undertaking adventurous activities.

Another great way to avoid losing all motivation over the holidays is to set a goal. It’s proven that setting a specific, measurable goal raises your motivation, making it much more likely you’ll achieve it! Try signing up for an event early next year – you’ll have something to look forward to, and something to keep your motivation up when it comes to staying fit.

Do you have any tips and tricks for keeping your motivation up and staying fit over the holidays? Let us know in the comments!

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