New Year, New Resolutions! Have you chosen yours already? You may have struggled with your previous New Years’ resolutions – everybody has! If your resolution is to get healthy, we’ve got some of the best tips to ensure this year you really achieve your goals.

Exercise more, Exercise smart

This is probably the number 1 New Years resolution made by anyone in the world! As a lot of us know however, it can be much easier said than done. The trick is to increase your level of exercise gradually – you don’t need to immediately start running marathons! New Years is also the perfect time to try new things – stop going to that one fitness class you hate and try a new one, for example. Be sure to make your goals SMART. Instead of ‘I’ll run more each week’, you should aim for something like ‘I will run for 30 minutes every other day’. Up your weekly levels of exercise slowly, or even better – get a personal trainer to help you along!

Re-evaluate your nutrition

No – this doesn’t mean hopping on the latest trendy diet fad! Go back to basics – getting rid of the bad stuff, upping your healthy foods and staying hydrated. If you’re specifically trying to lose weight, sugar is often the hidden culprit. Don’t feel like you have to cut out all sugar immediately – this can actually give you headaches! Try reducing sugary snacks, and then avoid foods with added sugars – you’re likely to realise that you don’t need so much after all! Raising your healthy food intake doesn’t have to be a struggle. Try always packing some fruit in your bag as a healthy snack, or add one more veggie to your plate every meal. By ‘sneaking’ these things in, you avoid a complete diet overhaul that’s difficult to stick to.

Focus on your health

Stop avoiding the dentist, make yourself a vision appointment and get a yearly check-up! You should never feel too busy to care about your own health. This goes for your mental health, as well as physical! While getting your diet in order and losing weight is fine and dandy, it’s important to keep your mental health in check too. Engage in positive self-talk and stop picking yourself up on negative things. Make time for yourself to relax – exactly how you do this will depend on the person. Try yoga, do some meditation at home or listen to relaxing music. Focusing on your sleep quality is also super important for mental health – set yourself a bedroom routine. Some great examples include: dimming the lights, shutting down technology, reading, listening to music, having a relaxing bath. Make this the year that you beat stress at its own game!

Be prepared for setbacks

No-one has perfect success with resolutions – that’s probably why we make new ones every year! Be okay with lapses – it’s completely normal to slip up when you’re trying to reach a new goal. Take it in your stride, re-evaluate, and plan what you’re going to do next. You don’t need to throw your resolution away just because you slipped up a little – use this as motivation to throw yourself back into it!

Do you have any tips or tricks you use to achieve your New Years resolutions? What goal have you set yourself this year? Let us know in the comments!

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