Written by: Rebecca Brown

We all suffer from mindset blocks that hold us back. It’s not only you, not now nor ever. But what can you do to overcome them?

Everyone has a little voice in their head telling them they can’t do it. There’s something satisfying about giving up before you even begin, right? If there wasn’t, why would so many of us stop ourselves before anyone else does? Why do we keep letting these blocks hold us back even when we have so many reasons to believe we can do it?

The answer is not easy and not exact; there are many different roots to everyone’s choices and beliefs and why you have this mindset block is specific to you and your life. Figuring it out is not that hard though and you can do it on your own. Think about when it started, how often it happens, are you alone or surrounded by certain people? You’ll get to the bottom of it quickly, I’m sure.

“I can’t go to the gym looking like this…”

It’s true that physical appearances matter in our world, and you know that too, otherwise you wouldn’t be trying to get in better shape. My question for you is: why would you let the one thing that will help you change also be the thing that is preventing you from doing it? , and this shouldn’t be the reason you don’t go out and move. 

The good news is that you can start anywhere, and this can’t be your excuse anymore for not exercising and being active. Sooner or later, you’ll need to face this fear and just go for it. Give yourself some time and think it through. Why would you care about what others think of you at the gym? Aren’t you all there for the same reason? Everyone there wants to improve themselves, be in better shape, look better. Let yourself be the change you’re looking for.

“I’m not good enough”

The biggest problem I have with this block is that this is preventing many, many people from even trying something they really want to try. When this is in your mind and you quit, then you know it’s a problem. Again, my suggestion is to go, step by step, through why you believe this, when it came across your mind in the first place, if you’re around other people or not. Sometimes, it’s others who make you feel this way. They put these things in your mind, maybe not intentionally, and you believe them. 

Let this be what pushes you further and harder. If you feel you’re not good enough yet (yet being the keyword here), then work harder. Work more than the ones you look up to. Ask for help and succeed. Find people who believe in you and start to believe in yourself together.

“I can’t wear sleeveless tops/ tank tops”

This is also a very common feeling. Either you’re not too confident in your arms and you’d like to have a little more muscle or toned arms, or maybe you have a scar that is visible. The good news about either of these is that it’s fixable. You can change it and be more confident. Arm muscle takes a while to build but focus on little improvements, look at how toned you’re getting or put on some fake tan – this is my key method to always look better, firmer and more toned. If a scar is what’s holding you back, then why not think about getting the scar treated? You can further discuss it with a specialised doctor, but you don’t have to let it stop you from being comfortable and feel free. 

Whether it’s the first reason or the latter, don’t let this stop you from wearing a beautiful sleeveless dress to work or a tank top in summer because it’s hot. It’s your body and you need to accept it for what it is and how much support it gives you every day.

And more…

There are so many other blocks that people have. You might have even thought of a couple yourself because those are the ones you struggle with. Remember that if anything in your life is stopping you from achieving more and better for yourself, you should not let it have that much influence in your life. Stop and take a deep breath, reflect on why it affects you so much and make changes so that you can prosper and improve.

Don’t let thoughts cloud your actions. 

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