Cardio is very necessary for heart health and is perfect for if you’re losing weight. The problem is that it can be super boring – hours pounding the pavement can become old very quickly. We’ve got you covered – here are the best tips for making cardio exciting again!

Change It Up

If you’re working out in a gym, try not to stick to the same machine constantly. There’s nothing worse than losing the will to live on the treadmill! Try switching it up every 10 minutes to keep things fresh. If you enjoy running, you can swap some of your treadmill workouts to run outside – just stick in your headphones and enjoy the view!

Stay Entertained

If the monotony of cardio gets you down, a great thing you can do is distract yourself! You probably have a great cardio playlist set up already, but music isn’t the only thing you can use to help stave off boredom. Try downloading a podcast, or watching TVs if your gym has them. You could also try an app like ‘Zombies, Run!’ – it’s an interactive Walking Dead-type story that’ll put you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse as you run!

Find A Buddy

A good all-round solution to get rid of workout boredom – a fitness friend! Join a cardio club, or even attend a fitness class to really be surrounded by people. If duo exercise is more your thing, find a friend who likes the same kind of exercise you do, and hit the gym together! As an added bonus, a friend will give you the accountability that’ll keep you motivated to work out.

Treat Yourself

Try the trick your parents probably used when you were a kid, and reward yourself when you have to slog through a boring day of cardio. Obviously don’t feed yourself cake every single time you do cardio, as this will ruin your progress. Food is fine, but the key is balance! Other things to try are buying yourself something you’ve had your eye on, or treating yourself to a trip to the movies.

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