Volumetrics? Mediterranean? Ornish?

With so many people trying to sell you the perfect diet, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate the fads from the diets that actually benefit your long-term health and fitness.

So how do you make sense of all this meal-time madness?

Well, nutritionists actually get paid week in week out to research and learn what you should be eating. With that in mind, they’re more than likely to know what they’re talking about when it comes to what you should be eating.

We’ve asked some of the nutritionists connected with Fitmo to tell us what what foods they use to breeze through their day.


We’ve all heard the saying ‘breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.” So just how do you make your morning meal count before the day ahead. A lot of how you eat in the morning depends on your schedule. If you’re busy (who isn’t!) and have to rush out the door half-an-hour after you’ve dragged yourself out of bed then your options are going to be more limited. But if you’re someone who has time to enjoy breakfast then you might want to be a little more creative with your choices. Below we take look at some of the options that are available:

Overnight Oats – This breakfast consists of oats and a nut-based or dairy-free alternative to milk. The great thing about this breakfast treat is that there are a million and one recipes out there so you can pick and choose what ingredients to add depending on your taste. If you need energy for the day ahead but don’t want to put in too much effort preparing your breakfast, then this could be the combination for you. Here are 8 classic overnight recipes you should try.

Bonus: If you aren’t sensitive to dairy, consider adding a tablespoon of greek yogurt to the mix. Great for more protein, which keeps you full longer. Try adding frozen fruit such as blueberries and top it off with cinnamon (your metabolism will thank you).

Ezekiel toast with mashed avocado and scrambled egg with sliced tomato – This meal provides some carbs, some fat and some protein making it an ideal meal with which to start your day and give you more than enough energy to make it to lunch. Ezekiel bread is said to be the healthiest bread because it contains no added sugar and is also wheat-free. But don’t worry if you can’t get your hands on Ezekiel bread, here are some tips for finding the perfect bread for health.

Greek yoghurt with nuts and honey – If you’re someone who has to rush out the door quickly, then greek yoghurt with nuts and honey can provide something filling in a short amount of time. It’s also really delicious too!


We know the feeling. You’re under pressure at work and you fall into bad, baaad habits. You might be one of those people who snatch something from the local shop or maybe someone who eats the same sandwich day after monotonous day. And, on the worst days, you might even skip lunch altogether (gasp!). We asked our nutritionists what foods they use to get the most out of lunch, and enjoy meals that are both tasty and healthy.

Grilled Salmon Spinach Salad – Salmon is a rich a source of important nutrients and also contains key amino acids. Spinach is also a superfood so this lunch is perfect if you’re someone who finds it difficult to find lunches that are healthy but easy to prepare. Use a healthy dressing of your choice to personalize the dish. Enjoy!

Kale salad with sweet potato and pomegranate Yep, it wouldn’t be right to see a nutritionist lunch guide without kale. Kale, sweet potato and pomegranate is a tantalizing combination which is just as healthy. Kale is great for detoxing, pomegranate is a superfood and sweet potato will give you enough energy to make it to the end of the day in one piece!

Egg and avocado sandwich – If you’re on the go, and you just want to grab something then you can’t go wrong with an egg and avocado sandwich. Add a slice tomato and a sauce of your choice for a healthy, nutritious sandwich.


Let’s be honest with ourselves for a start. Unless, you’re superhuman then you’re probably not going to cook dinner for yourself every night of the week. And after an exhausting day at the office, we don’t blame you. But, since dinner is one of the few times in our fast-paced lives that we can sit down and really enjoy our food, it’s important that we get it right. So, whether you’re cooking or not tonight, our nutritionist tips can you give the low-down and how to eat healthily whatever your state of mind.

Black bean soup – If you don’t feel like eating a heavy evening meal then you might want to try black bean soup. Beans are high in protein and fibre and they’re also a great source of magnesium. You can make this recipe by using one can of refried beans and one can of rinsed black beans. Add half a can of salsa and chicken broth, and top the soup with a touch of sour cream, a sprinkle of grated cheese, a slice of avocado and crushed low-fat chips.

Tuna and avocado pita – If you want a light meal packed with nutritional goodness, this is the perfect dinner for you. The pitta is jam packed with whole grains, while the tuna and the avocado provide the fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals needed to energize and recuperate after a long day.

Almond-crusted baked chicken nuggets with broccoli and rice – This is a great heart-healthy alternative to fried chicken nuggets. The chicken and almond meal/spice crust provides the perfect amount of healthy fats and lean protein to keep you feeling full and away from the snack cupboard. Try this tantalizing almond-crusted baked chicken nugget recipe.  


But yes, everyone’s human! While eating, slipping in a few guilty pleasures here and there is only natural. Below we’ve listed a few treats, that even the most dedicated nutritionist might slip into their diet from time to time.

Dark chocolate – If you’re going to have chocolate in your diet make sure that it’s dark chocolate. Dark chocolate actually provides the body with a rich source of antioxidants. So, a few squares every now and then definitely won’t hurt.

Coffee – Although coffee isn’t for everyone (especially those with a sensitive digestive system) Often cafes can fill hot drinks with lots of sugar so they taste nicer. This is something to watch out for if you aren’t making your own coffee so always ask about ingredients if you’re in any doubt.

Bacon – Yep, you heard right. Eating bacon in small quantities is fine and can be a great way to make a big plate of healthy vegetables seem more palatable.

Homemade french fries – As long as you’re not hogging McDonald’s large fries every day . The key with fries is to eat them occasionally, and as an accompaniment to a healthy meal, like a salad for example.

So, now you’re aware of some the meals a nutritionist might eat during the week you have every reason to have health and fitness of a fitness professional. And while, this isn’t an exhaustive list but it’ll definitely help give you some ideas and inspiration to create some of your own dishes!

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