Let’s face it. Even though I’m a Health Coach, I still enjoy eating good food. Eating is an integral part of the holidays for me. We have traditional meals and desserts that we make every year that are an important component of the holidays and I wouldn’t want it any other way! However, after a few weeks of indulging, I know that it is time to re-focus on some key habits to feel my very best again and get the New Year off to a great start. I hope these tips will be helpful for you as you jumpstart your own health and wellness this January!

1) Clean out Your Pantry and Refrigerator – If you haven’t by now, dump the leftovers. Toss the half-eaten boxes of chocolate that you were gifted and get rid of anything that is tempting you! Stock your fridge and pantry with fresh fruits, veggies, lean proteins, nuts, seeds, quinoa and healthy fats like avocado and almond butter. That way, it is impossible to make a poor choice with foods that don’t fuel your body properly.

2) Love Your Liver – Fatty foods, alcohol and sugar are all very taxing on our liver. Our liver is a very important organ that fuels our fat loss. After a season of indulgences, it is time to give your liver some TLC. I do this by adding liver supportive foods to my diet such as beets, broccoli, kale, fresh lemon juice in my water and drinking a detoxifying dandelion tea.

3) Utilize a Wearable Tracker – Exercise is a consistent part of my life that I never let slip, even during the holidays because I enjoy it so much. However, where I can find myself slacking off is in my daily activity. Sometimes the call of the sofa and the warm fire is just too strong! So, my focus in January is to track my steps utilizing my Fitbit and try and incorporate more daily movement into my day. I will take breaks throughout the day and get up and move!

4) Track Foods – On that same note, there is a good reason why your Health Coach asks you to track your foods utilizing an app such as MyFitnessPal or LoseIt. When you log your foods and are forced to record what you are eating, you are much more likely to choose healthier options. While I don’t track my foods all the time, it is one habit I will focus on this month to keep myself accountable.

5) Reset your Sugar Cravings – Yes, I will admit I do enjoy chocolate and there are many health benefits to dark chocolate, but after the holidays, my sugar cravings are raging! Some things I find helpful to reduce cravings include drinking water, as often we mistake thirst for food cravings. I also focus on increasing my intake of fermented foods and probiotic rich foods. I also find when I eat a protein and vegetable rich breakfast it balances my blood sugar and prevents cravings later on in the day. Adding more sweet vegetables to your diet, such as yams, can help reduce sugar cravings, too.

By adding more movement, accountability and nutrient dense foods to my diet, I find that I can get back on the healthy path without going on some extreme fad diet which would only leave me feeling deprived and miserable. Reinforcing habits and focusing on small daily changes is going to be much more successful than any crazy diet ever will be because it is sustainable. Working with your Fitmo Coach is the best way to get started in breaking some of your bad holiday habits and replacing them with healthy ones. Take advantage of the free one week trial and see how Fitmo can support you in reaching goals in the areas of Nutrition, Fitness, Mental Health and an overall Healthy Lifestyle!

By Fitmo Coach Emily Barker

As a Certified Health and Nutrition coach, Emily Barker supports men and women to achieve radiant health from the inside out. Emily’s mission is to help individuals feel fabulous and find their true happiness while focusing their efforts on building healthy habits that last. She has supported hundreds of clients in achieving significant weight loss goals and making lasting lifestyle changes. Learn more about Emily, and working with her via the Fitmo app here.

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