Today marks the launch of our new coaching service created with running legend Haile Gebrselassie! We’ve teamed up to help runners (like you!) improve their skill with the help of an Olympian.

Running is just the first step in our plan – we want to eventually focus on other sports and audiences too! We started with a focus on running because it’s one the most popular sports activities. Roughly one out of five people run on a regular basis, resulting in a whopping 11 million runners in the UK and over 61 million in the USA. We wanted to give something to all these runners that was unique and could help them improve their skill, so we started by finding elite athletes that had the same idea.

First, we partnered with Global Sports Communication, one of the world’s leading athlete management companies. GSC is owned by Jos Hermens, a former long-distance runner who shares our vision of bringing personalized coaching to the world. He says: ‘Running is the easiest way of getting and staying fit, but it’s not always the simplest way. That’s why we love to help and guide you to begin running with Fitmo – we want to support you during your ups and downs. On that wonderful path of discovering your talents and trying to reach some goals, we most of all like to inspire you to find the joy of running and being fit!’

Through GSC, we partnered up with Haile Gebrselassie – a 9-time world champion and Olympic gold medalist who broke 27 world records in his career! Haile wanted to share his elite running knowledge and tips with runners everywhere, and together we decided that Fitmo was the perfect platform to use. Our founder Dave Roeloffs flew out to Haile’s home in Ethiopia and spent 4 days filming exclusive videos with Haile. Dave says: ‘Seeing Haile in action and hearing his story is really motivational – he’s an inspiring guy who has a lot of knowledge to share, and I think this will come across in the videos we shot with him’

Haile says: “In 25 years of international running I gained a lot of experience and knowledge. Now it’s time to share my knowledge with you, in the hope that you come to enjoy running as much as I do.”

Haile’s programs range from 2 to 5 workouts per week for 3 fitness levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. This way anyone can benefit from Haile’s tips, whether you’re a marathon pro or always running after your kids! Each program contains exclusive videos of Haile, filmed at his home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In these videos, Haile shares his life-story, along with the tips and tricks of how he gained his success. In any of the Haile packages, you get a full workout plan, nutritional tips and recipes as well as direct contact with one of Haile’s expert coaches.

Click here to see all of Haile’s training packages!

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