Strength Isn’t Just For Men.
There is a misconception out there, and that is that men and women need to train differently.

There is another misconception out there that claims men and women need to train exactly the same,

As always, the answer is somewhere in the middle.

The CORE of the workout should be the same, regardless of sex. The difference is in the frills.

At the risk of being too general (I’m a risk taking mother lover), the following are components of a workout that everyone should include, whether you use the restrooms with the triangle body or the straight blocky body.

* Everybody should do some type of squatting movement.
* Everybody should do something that resembles a deadlift. A hip hinge as the kids are calling it these days.
* Some single leg exercises are always a great look.
* Upper body pressing and pulling movements.
* Honorable mention: core work. If you are one of my clients you know you don’t see a lot of it, but I do throw it in when appropriate, and your sex has nothing to do with that decision.

The components above are important in any workout, and should make up 80% of your workout.  The other 20% is where the sexes typically part ways.

The fellas tend to….
want big arms
want big pecs
want big traps

While the ladies tend to…
want round butts
want shapely thighs
want small waists

Since this is about workouts for women, we will ignore what the fellas want for now.

(Sorry guys, I’ll get a next time. Promise.)

Round butts are all the rage, and they are one of the most common goals women have when it comes to training their bodies.

So how do you train your butt effectively? Here are a few movements you should be including as the icing on the cake of your workouts.
Bulgarian Split Squats

These are a nasty exercise that will hit your glutes hard. This exercise is taxing, and challenging, but what they deliver in terms of glute gains makes them worth your while.

Here is how to do them.

Hip Thrusters

Also known as hip extensions, these come in many different variations. All of them work your glutes effectively because they all share a very similar movement pattern.
Hip Extension
To keep it simple, hip extension is the act of pushing your hips forward, or extending your leg back (raising your leg in front of you would be the opposite movement)

This is the main function of the powerful gluteus maximus, the largest muscle in the butt. Hip extension variations work your body in this exact movement pattern.

Here are a few examples.

Hip Thrust From the Floor

Hip Thrust From a Chair

1 Leg Hip Thrust

Barbell Hip Thrust

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