I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that getting in great shape is hard.

In fact, making any major self-improvement is hard, whether that be quitting smoking, losing unwanted fat, or picking up a meditation practice.

But why?

It’s as if your actions don’t match up with your desired results, no matter how determined you get.

It’s confusing, it’s frustrating, and it’s the reason so many people never achieve the body they want.

This is what’s up:

Your conscious thoughts, feelings, and well thought out conclusions aren’t as ‘conscious’ as you think they are.

Actually, most of your decisions, thoughts, and feelings are generated subconsciously, and they’re based on a lifetime of feedback and experience.

(Link to a study in case this seems too crazy to believe 😉)

It feels like you’re thinking things through and coming to conclusions, when really, those thoughts and conclusions have already been made below the surface, and you’re just becoming aware of them.

Let’s put it this way- making the changes necessary to get in great shape and improve your life is sort of like an android robot trying to override its programming.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the changes necessary to get in amazing shape.

Despite your subconscious programming, free-will exists, which means you still have the power to choose.

Here are 4 steps to override your subconscious programming, and finally get the body you deserve.

1. Be Aware Of Your Programming

As with most things, being aware of it is the first step to overcoming it.

By simply knowing that your thought patterns and daily habits are largely dictated by your subconscious machinery means you can recognize your thoughts, feelings, and actions for what they are- programming.

They aren’t an absolute truth, and they don’t dictate what you’ll get in the future. They’re just a reflection of your past experiences.

And just like your iPhone OS, your programming can be updated with new experiences and input.

2. What Will It Cost You If You Don’t Change?

There are two main forces that drive you to do what you do: Pain and Pleasure.

Pain being the more powerful of the two.

Despite your subconscious programming, if you see an opportunity to escape pain, you’ll take it.

This is important, because if a person doesn’t take action towards their goals, it’s because the pain of taking action seems to be worse than the pain of staying the same.

But is it?

Maybe at first glance. I mean, workouts are challenging, and healthy food doesn’t taste as good as Krispy Kremes.

But what is staying the same really costing you?

Is it affecting your sex life, or your ability to attract a relationship?

Is it destroying your confidence at work or during social situations?

Does it cause you to shop for clothes based on hiding your body rather than on what you actually love to wear?

Do you worry about people judging you based on their first glance?

Dropping 30 lbs and building some lean muscle may appear to be superficial, but when you unpack it, the impact it can have on your life is profound.

If you have a goal you haven’t been attacking with everything you’ve got, I would encourage you to ask yourself, “What is staying the same really costing me?”

3. Take Action, Get Results, And Reprogram Your Operating System

It’s easier to act your way to a new way of thinking than it is to think your way to one.

This is because your subconscious mind is programmed through your real-life experiences.

Simply changing how you think isn’t an option. You need to reprogram your mind with new experiences altogether. In this case, you need to take action in a way you haven’t before.

As you take action towards your goals, you’ll start to see results.

Aside from being super encouraging, these results will reprogram your subconscious systems, changing the way you think and act.

This is the point in the process where exercise, nutritious eating, and being an overall badass becomes part of who you are.

Furthermore, do not be afraid to research ways to take on your habits and vices. For instance, did you know that vaping is commonly used as a stop smoking aid? A large number of people find that e-cigarettes, along with their corresponding e-liquids from brands like Vapetasia, can make it easier to overcome a nicotine dependency.

4. Count Your Wins

My wife, Maria, and I have a system. Each night, we ask each other what our top win from the day was. And each weekend, we celebrate our top 2-3 wins from the week by going out to dinner or a movie.

I’ll be honest with you guys, some nights our first instinct is to say, “I didn’t have any wins today.”

But we also realize that’s coming from our old, outdated thinking patterns deep below the surface. And when we look hard enough, we find plenty of wins, even on the worst of days.

And a funny thing happens when you get in the habit of counting your wins.

You start thinking, acting, and feeling like a winner. And naturally, you start winning more.

By Fat Loss Expert and Fitmo Coach, Mitch Heaslip

Mitch is going to get you into the best shape of your life! But what’s his secret? Mitch has developed solid methods that work for both men and women in losing weight and building muscle. With his very flexible approach, Mitch can tailor his methods to anyone. When it comes to building strength, muscle, and losing fat, his approach is second to none!

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