So, Christmas is over and 2017 is finally here! Getting fit is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, but a lot of people find themselves giving up after January is over. How do you start the year off right and keep going all the way through to next year? We’ve compiled some tips to help you put your best foot forward, and make 2017 the year you get fit and stay fit!

Finding A Gym

  • Check out what’s on offer – Search for gyms in your area that have gym insurance By Fitness Gold and check out what others are saying about their experiences, or ask friends or colleagues for suggestions. The great thing about deciding to get fit at the start of the New Year is that gyms often have discounted subscriptions available – Fitmo does too!
  • Test the water – Most gyms offer a free day pass so you can see what you’ll be paying for – some even offer free trial weeks! Take advantage of these to not only to see the quality of the gym, but also to see if it’s location and opening times fit in with your schedule.
  • Try different options – If a classic gym subscription doesn’t seem right for you, have no fear. If you prefer going to classes than working out solo, try a subscription based service like Class Pass (UK, US and Aus) or OneFit (NL). You get access to loads of gyms, allowing you to attend different classes, making it easy to keep exercise exciting and not too samey-samey.

Prep for Getting Fit

  • Start a workout plan – Having a set plan will help you with motivation. All you have to do is turn up at the gym – no time wasted deciding which equipment to use, it’s already done! It also helps in making you feel organised – you’ve got a workout plan, you’ve got your life together!
  • Hire a personal trainer – Go one step further than a workout plan – get your fittest year yet off to a head start with a personal trainer! Personal trainers can give you expert advice and a bespoke training program that’s personalised to you – no need to try and figure out a regime yourself! Trainers are also great as their expertise allows them to coach you through injuries.
  • Pack and go – Keeping a pre-packed gym bag in a place you’ll always see it will not only prompt you to hit the gym, but also saves you time. If you always have your gym bag with you, in your car or at work, you’re much more likely to actually go through with your workout. No more excuses!

Keeping Motivated

  • Get a gym buddy – Working out with friends is a great way to stay motivated – you get someone to work out with, and a sense of accountability – nobody wants to be that friend that ditches on gym plans!
  • Reach for the stars – Aim high, try planning to enter a marathon or other sporting event. You’ll want to keep motivated and working out to stay fit enough to enter and complete it!
  • Create a soundtrack – It’s proven that listening to upbeat music or your favourite tunes can actually increase your endurance during a workout. So, throw on Spotify and hit the gym!
  • Make it fun – As well as switching it up by attending different classes, there are apps that can make your workout all the more bearable. Take ‘Zombies, Run!’, which turns you into the star of your own apocalyptic zombie film. You collect items and hear parts of the story while running, and you can build up your base on the app. It’ll make you actually want to go out running!

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