Your body is a Ferrari.

?But most of us are treating our body like it’s a moped.
?Hey, I’ve got nothing against mopeds, and I’ve definitely got nothing against anyone who owns a moped, especially if you’ve managed to find a cheap scooter insurance quote, but you’re not a moped…

… you’re a high- powered Ferrari.

Maybe you don’t feel like a Ferrari, but trust me, if anyone is a Ferrari, it’s you. And the only way to unleash your true Ferrari self is to fuel your body accordingly. Take it from me. I used to try and train like a Ferrari while fueling up like a unicycle. I wanted to be lean with visible muscle definition. I thought if I just ate less (way less), I would burn off all my fat and uncover the chiseled body of a Greek god.


I didn’t build any strength, or muscle.

?I didn’t burn fat effectively either.

My body was under fed, and that means I wasn’t fueling up like the supercharged machine I wanted to become. Like most lessons, I had to learn this one the hard way – through years of trial and error. But once I started fueling my body like a supercharged sports car, the body fat started to melt away, and the lean muscle tone was finally showing through.

I don’t want you to waste all that time like I did, so let’s start fueling up like a sports car.

Where to Start

If you want to fuel your body like the powerful machine it is (and I highly recommend it), focus on this one thing to start out:

Which low-test fuel sources could your replace with high- test?

Before you even worry about fuel quantity (how much total food you’re eating), let’s make the switch from low-test to high-test. Choose one food that you eat on a daily basis and replace it with something else that will fuel your engine. Making this one change will have a tremendous impact on your performance in the gym, your desire to workout, your energy levels, mood and brain power. It will also go a long way in stripping off body fat and building that lean, strong muscle we’re all after.

Note: Once you have substituted your low quality fuel for high quality, I highly recommend tracking your calories and macronutrients to make sure your fuel quantities are on point as well.

Now go be a Ferrari.

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