We all have routines or habits. They’re the things we do almost every day. They’re behaviors that run on automatic. We no longer make conscious choices about them, we just do them. But are your routines really serving you? Why is it so hard to make the healthy changes that we know will make us feel better? Change is possible. It just takes a little effort, desire and commitment. These strategies can help boost your chance to create healthier habits that stick and are part of your daily lifestyle

Determine Your “Why”

Before you can make a change, you must see the change as meaningful to you. Your “why” must become so important that your desire to change comes naturally. You must find the deeper meaning behind creating the new habit to make it compelling enough to stick with it.

Set Specific Goals & an Action Plan

Establish a clear, specific plan of action for change. Better yet, write it down. If your goals are vague, then your results will be vague as well.

Start Small

When you try to make a change that is too large or unrealistic, it can be overwhelming and as a result you fail to achieve it. Small changes can boost your confidence and lead to even more positive lifestyle changes as a result.

Find a Healthier Substitute

When you’re trying to move away from a habit that no longer serves you, it’s tempting to “delete” the habit from your day. However, you can’t remove a habit from your life without replacing the needs it fulfills. For example, if you are hooked on coffee because of the ritual of sitting down with a hot mug, try adding in a coffee substitute like green tea. You need to replace the old behavior with a new healthier behavior that still fulfills you emotionally.

Support is Key

Setting up a supportive environment is critical to your success. Whether it be a Nutrition Coach who helps keep you accountable through an app like Fitmo, a friend or relative, or posting it through social media, your support system will keep you on track when you’re tempted to slide back into your old habit.


Habits are not formed overnight, it takes repetition to create new healthy shifts. The more you do something, the more comfortable and automatic it will become. A behavior that is repeated for 21 days is more likely to become a habit.

Change will happen when you really want it to. Make a commitment to yourself and find the motivation to make it a priority. Create a new nourishing habit, stick with it and you’ll be amazed how the old habit will slowly slip away.

By Fitmo Coach Emily Barker. As a Certified Health and Nutrition coach, Emily Barker supports men and women to achieve radiant health from the inside out. Emily’s mission is to help individuals feel fabulous and find their true happiness while focusing their efforts on building healthy habits that last. She has supported hundreds of clients in achieving significant weight loss goals and making lasting lifestyle changes. Learn more about Emily, and working with her via the Fitmo app here.

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