Trying to completely overhaul your cooking style is a mammoth task. It’s not easy to swap your usual cooking habits when you’re trying to live a little healthier. But there is a way! Incorporating these tips into your everyday cooking schedule couldn’t be easier, and you’ll barely notice them. Foolproof tips for healthier meals are the best kind!

Swap Your Fats

  • For creamy-style sauces, try swapping out full cream for milk and thickening the sauce with a little flour.
  • No ifs or buts! Instead of cooking with butter, try extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Stick to lean meats – chicken or lean cuts of beef. Cut down your saturated fat and your heart will thank you! Baking, roasting or broiling meat are great ways to keep your cooking healthy without having to sacrifice variety in your meals.
  • Swap butter or cream cheese spreads in your sandwiches – try hummus, avocado or nut butter for a healthier alternative.

Reduce, Reduce, Reduce

  • Extra-virgin olive oil or avocado oil are your healthiest bets for cooking, but use sparingly! Even better, invest in some great non-stick pans for the ultimate oil-free cooking experience.
  • Stop with so much salt! If you want to add flavour to your food, try swapping salt for lemons, limes or herbs to get your tastebuds going.
  • Sugar may make the medicine go down, but it’s also bad for your health. Put down the sugar cubes and try adding soy or almond milk to your morning coffee – both are naturally sweet on their own.

Make Room for Healthy Options

  • Make like a pescatarian and eat more fish! Fish and other seafood like shrimp are great forms of protein that are lean whilst still containing heart-healthy fats. Long live the sea!
  • Frozen veggies are your friend. Keeping a stock of veggies in your freezer means you’ll always have a supply, as they don’t expire quickly like their fresh buddies. Bonus – frozen vegetables retain all their vitamins and minerals!
  • Try healthy versions of everyday items. Swap white pasta for spelt, buckwheat or quinoa. Swap plain flour for wholewheat flour when baking. Lastly, try wholemeal bread instead of white. Easy, healthy options!
  • Steaming doesn’t just belong in a sauna – try steaming veggies so that they retain all their good stuff. Stir-frying works too!

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