Easy and Effective Car Workout Exercises for Your Next Road-Trip

Road Trips are a wonderful way to see the country and create some fun memories with your travel companion! But wow,  can they ever throw a monkey wrench in your exercise plan if you aren’t careful! I’m currently on a road trip relocating from California back home to Indiana, and after 3 days on the road, I’m getting pretty creative with my exercise efforts! Here are the car workout exercises you need to know, to avoid derailing your exercise efforts:

HOW TO DO CAR WORKOUT EXERCISES: Stopping for gas and potty breaks are few and far between, so I had to get creative in ways to move my body. Sitting for hours at a time wreaks havoc on your circulatory system as well as your metabolism! So every hour, on the hour, I turn up the radio and alternate between the following exercises for 3 songs:

  1. Glute Squeezes- Just like it sounds! Contract and release those muscles in your backside
  2. Toe Raises- Tap your toes to the beat! Alternately or at the same time
  3. Heel Raises– Tap your heels to the beat, alternately or simultaneously- you can even alternate with toe raises
  4. High Knee Marches- Great for your hip flexors and core! Feel free to even throw a few punches in to get the upper body moving as well!
  5. Rib Isolations- Get jazzy! Lift and press your ribcage to the right, and then repeat to the left
  6. Adductor Squeezes- Inner thigh strength happening right here! Make a fist, put it between your knees, and squeeze your knees into your fist for a count of 10, rest for a count of 5. Repeat.

HOW TO EXERCISE AT A REST STOP: Rest stops can be a perfect place (as long as the weather is conducive) to squeeze in a heart raising “quickie”! Here are a few ideas!

  1. Tricep Dips- Find a picnic table and sit on the edge of the bench placing your hands on either side of your hips. Walk your feet out until your bottom is off the bench and you are holding yourself up by the palms of your hands. Lower your bottom until your elbows are at 90 degrees and then straighten your arms without locking your elbows.  Try to complete 10 reps
  2. Step Ups-Step up onto the seat of a picnic table, then step down. Lead with your right foot 5 times, then switch and lead with your left foot 5 times. If the bench is too high, try this at the curb side and double the repetitions!
  3. Jumping Jacks- Good old-fashioned jumping jacks are a great way to get your heart rate up and the blood flowing! Try to complete 1 min.
  4. Walk- Walk a couple laps around the rest stop. Try to walk for at least 5-10 minutes.
  5. Stretches- After getting your heart rate up and/ or completing a few strengthening exercises, spend some quality time stretching. It will feel good and help to work out the kinks! Try a standing quad stretch, a standing forward fold, or lengthen your body by reaching and holding your arms overhead!

Try to make a goal of stopping every 2 hours for a stretch when on a long road trip and get regular intervals of movement while in the car. With a little creativity, your body will feel so much better for it!

By Fitmo Coach Carol Keller. Do you look in the mirror and say “Who Am I?” Do you want to feel younger, confident, & have more energy? As a woman over 40, Carol understands the struggles that woman her age go through. Carol has been a diet and exercise coach for over 10 years and she wants you help you get YOUR sexy back & put that confidence back in your strut!

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