Crossfit can be intimidating. However, it’s not restricted to professional athletes only. Here are 8 reasons why I think everyone should try it at least once.

1. Challenge yourself

Crossfit is designed to make you step out of your comfort zone. Unlike fitness, crossfit isn’t about aesthetics. It’s about challenging yourself and pushing your limits. Each week, you’ll try to beat your own personal record, go faster, lift heavier.
Crossfit challenges you both mentally and physically.

2. You’ll see results.

I’m talking about measurable results. The ones that make a real difference and make you even more motivated to go back. If you’re a regular crossfitter, you’ll see your strength and endurance improving.
Moreover, the intensity of the workouts might be just what you need to motivate you to fuel your body with nutritious foods instead of junk food.

3. You’ll feel empowered.

No matter how heavy your barbell is, you’ll feel like a badass. Every time you finish a workout, you’ll realise that you can do anything you put your mind to. You’ll feel invincible. If this workout didn’t kill you, then nothing will!

4. You’ll have a new fit family!

Maybe your previous experience in a gym wasn’t so great and you felt like everyone was watching you. I know that feeling. Crossfit isn’t like this at all. It’s a family and your new box mates will make sure you feel comfortable and will support you and help you push your limits and become a better version of yourself.

5. You’ll have a better life.

Crossfit is based on  functional movements, meaning that all your muscle groups are engaged. You’ll move with more ease, and lifting heavy boxes or grocery bags won’t be a problem anymore. Chronic back pains will be a thing of the past and you’ll feel younger and better in your body.

6. It’s not boring.

If you’re like me and get bored easily with reps, that won’t happen with crossfit. WODs change all the time and a lot of exercises are actually fun! Moreover, it’s so intense that you won’t have time to think about how many reps you’re doing.

7. It’s another sort of meditation.

After you complete a WOD, you’ll feel emptied and relaxed. If you had a bad day at work, unleash everything during the WOD! If you just had an argument with your SO, kill your workout! Your dopamine levels will be through the roof and you’ll feel great and relaxed for several hours after your workout.

8. You have no reason not to give it a try.

Unless you’re injured, crossfit is for everyone. So try it and decide for yourself! Maybe you won’t like it and that’s fair but at least you’ve tried. One session could very well be life-changing, both in your fitness journey and mentally. You’ve got nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Of course, it won’t be easy, but it isn’t meant to be. If you’re looking for a class where you fell like you can accomplish anything afterwards, crossfit is definitely for you.

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  1. I had no idea that the point of crossfit was not to look good, but to push yourself and your body. I’ve been feeling kind of depressed, so exercising could really help me out. What tips do you have for choosing a great crossfit gym to exercise at?

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