Having trouble staying health-conscious with your busy lifestyle? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 top tips to inject some health into your life. They’re easy to implement into your daily life, so you can focus on being a superstar and let the health come to you.

Preparation is Key

It’s time to channel your inner sous chef with some meal prep! As annoying and effortful this sounds – just try it. Take the time on a Sunday to prep some meals and snacks for the week ahead. This way, when you’re all wrapped up in work, instead of reaching for junk food you’ll be reaching for something healthy instead. This will free up some of your time in the rest of the week and (hopefully) take the stress out of having to plan meals on a busy schedule.

Everyday Exercise

That’s right… every day. By no means hit the gym for four hours every night, but 10-30 minutes of daily exercise is great for all areas of health. Something as small as a moderate walk can help your brain function and any sort of exercise releases feel-good brain chemicals. Cardio is like dog treats for your heart – feed it some and it’ll love you. Try some aerobic exercises too, switching up each day of the week so you don’t feel stuck in an exercise rut.

Hydration Stations

Keeping hydrated is a no-brainer when it comes to health. But you’re not alone if you find it hard to get into the swing of drinking enough everyday. Keeping a full bottle within arm’s reach is a good start, as you’ll automatically swig it without thinking about it. And if you don’t love liquid that tastes like the inside of your mouth, try throwing in fruits or vegetables to give it some flavor.

Switch it up

White bread? French Fries? Ice Cream? In the immortal words of KC & The Sunshine Band – “Give it up, give it up, baby give it up!” Old habits die hard, which means the switch from old favourites to healthy alternatives can be a struggle. Whilst it may seem hard, simple things like swapping white for wheat pasta or french fries for sweet potato fries can make a big difference. By implementing small changes to your diet, you’ll set yourself up to make bigger dietary changes in the future (once you get around to it!)

Share your Goals

As the old saying goes, “A problem shared is a problem halved.” Often it seems hard to motivate yourself – you are the one both making and listening to the excuses after all. If you and a friend share your workout goals with one another, you’ll feel more accountable for actually doing that exercise. Take this to the next level with a personal trainer – both a source of motivation and someone that’s able to tweak your workout if you feel it isn’t right for you.

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