It’s always hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym – work, social life or money can seem to always get in the way. If you’re stuck at home but still want to work out, youtube videos can be a godsend! The problem is separating the good channels from the bad – anyone can upload videos, but not everyone uploads good ones. We’ve come up with the top 5 channels to help you get your workout on at home.

Fitness Blender

Husband and wife team Kelly and Daniel have hundreds of videos on their channel. They’re all easy to follow and vary in difficulty level – perfect for beginners and pros alike! In addition, they’re beautifully shot – so not only are you training, you’re watching videos produced with love.

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Cassey Ho is an internet phenomenon! She’s appeared on tv shows, in magazines and has amassed 3 million youtube subscribers. Her infectious energy will have you raring to go as she guides you through pilates and body sculpting workouts. Blogilates even has a free app, with recipes, workouts and even a forum where you can share your progress with other fitness fans!

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Men’s Health

Just like the magazine itself, this youtube channel is sleek and their videos are great to watch. Along with pumped up workouts, Men’s Health also supplies viewers with style tips and recipes – it’s like the magazine in video form! With celebrity appearances galore, this is the most star-studded of fitness channels!

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Six Pack Shortcuts

Dreaming of a ripped set of abs? This channel’s for you! Trainers Clark, Jonny, and Henry easily explain how to get rid of the flab around your stomach and carve out amazing abs. Their channel consists of workouts, workout tips and nutrition advice. Uploading new videos twice a week, you’ll never be short of the latest advice to getting lean and strong.

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Tone It Up

Karena and Katrina (as well as having complimentary names) are literal body goals. Watching them will motivate you to get the body you really want – and deserve! The channel is all about girl power, with quick workouts and varying challenges to get you into the fitness spirit. They have amazing HIIT workouts for all scenarios – so get working!

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