If you’re like most people who are thinking about hiring a personal trainer for the first time, you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed with choice. Don’t sweat it, you’re not alone. With over 100,000 health apps on the market, making the right choice can be as tough as that HIIT workout you did last week. But if you’re not convinced by all these self-proclaimed get-fit-quick schemes, and not sure about a face-to-face personal trainer either, where do you go next? Fortunately, there’s an alternative. Below we’ve compiled a list stating why an online personal trainer could be just the thing for you:

It’s more affordable

Let’s face it, personal training can be expensive. And we don’t know about you but not everyone can afford the sky-high price tag that comes with one-on-one gym sessions. Luckily, if a much-needed personal training program is out of your current budget, there may be a solution.

With personal training sessions averaging around €60-80 per hour – rising to as much as $225 per hour (yes, really!) depending on where you live or the quality of your trainer – getting time with a fitness instructor can seem like a luxury reserved only for the very wealthy. And that’s not even taking into account extra costs such as gym membership and travel costs. Another expenditure to consider is workout apparel but, with Ryderwear, looking and feeling good down at the gym is a cost worth paying. Check out their products here – https://www.ryderwear.com/collections/mens-tanks

Enter the online personal trainer. Without having to deal with fixed costs like gym memberships and equipment hire, online Personal Training Experts can provide the same expert knowledge that’ll get you that beach body you’ve wanted for the last year but without the hefty price tag.
With prices averaging at €50 for a monthly subscription, an online personal coach is a much more affordable alternative which doesn’t compromise on quality.

Now, you’ll be able to get professional fitness advice and buy those new pair of trainers you’ve had your eye on for the last month. Phew, problem solved!

It’s more flexible

Whether it’s your next-door neighbour or your co-worker, in today’s health conscious world, there are lots of people who are looking for better ways to improve their fitness.

It’s no surprise then, that personal trainers can be incredibly busy, and can have up to 15 clients at one time. But while having a jam-packed schedule is good for personal trainers, it’s not so fun having to re-arrange dinner with your best friend in order to make your health and fitness appointment, if you’re a client.

Luckily, online personal training is different. A personal trainer in your pocket means that you’re in charge. You can workout whenever you want and still get the support and motivation provided by a coach. Neat, huh?

But, hold it right there, that doesn’t mean you can slack off either! Your trainer will still be there to kick your butt into gear via instant messaging, making sure you don’t miss that morning treadmill session.

A personal trainer that’s more flexible than your aerobics instructor, now that’s something!

Say goodbye to injuries

‘Come on, push yourself, just one more… OUCH!’

We’ve all been there, impersonating Bob Harper in the gym the night before and ending up unable to sit down at work without wincing in agony the very next day. It’s probably why there’s been a 35% increase in gym injuries in recent years.

While a regular personal trainer can help you dodge injury during workout sessions, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be safe during the hours that you spend training alone.

There’s nothing wrong with having the internal dialogue of Arnold Schwarzenegger, but unknowingly setting goals which are putting unnecessary strain on your body is unhealthy and dangerous.

Well, fitness junkies rejoice! Online personal training means that you can get round-the-clock support giving you advice whenever you need it. Still it is important to find a good professional trainer who can help you if you have decided you want to get fit as someone who isn’t good at training or does not follow the duty of care might cause personal injuries. If you find that you are now in such a situation, you might want to look into finding someone like this Personal Injury Lawyer Near Smyrna or a law firm more local to you, to help you get compensation.
While everyone’s body is different, professional guidance that goes beyond the rigidly scheduled hours of normal personal training sessions can help lessen the probability of injuries significantly.

Late night gym session? Your online coach has got you covered. Late night chocolate bar? Put it in the bin!

Access to expert advice anytime, anywhere

Technology has changed the world as we once knew it. The online sharing economy has seen services like booking a taxi or renting a room become more accessible, affordable and transparent. Services which were once complicated to order can now be obtained at the click of a button for a fraction of the price.

If you’re a busy entrepreneur who spends half your time on a flight, a stressed-out mum who’s forever picking up the kids or a competitive runner who struggles to find time to train, you can count on fitness support wherever and whenever you need it.

Better still, using online training technology, personal trainers can use insightful coaching to create nifty custom workouts which will give you audio cues during your workout. Since the coach can use real-time info to tailor advice for a client whose state can vary radically from one day to the next, it’s perfect for people who are always on-the-go.

It makes us tired thinking about it, but if you’re one of those people that has a thousand and one tasks to complete as well as trying to stay fit and healthy, well, you may have just found your godsend.

Better Results

Chances are, if you’ve looked for a personal trainer but you’ve not been able to afford one, you’ve been to the online marketplace and downloaded a few health and fitness apps.

And while some people don’t mind the idea of being trained by an app, most of us would prefer a real life trainer. Because, at the end of the day, apps are just programs – they can’t adapt to subtle variations such as body size, workout regime, and environment.

Most fitness and running apps are designed to cater for the internally-motivated. And, let’s be honest, we all know that person who pores over their personal statistics after an evening jog!

Yet those same apps do very little to help the people who need that little bit more motivation to get themselves into their gym clothes and onto the treadmill.

Stanford University found that people who received regular phone calls about physical activity were exercising significantly more six months later than people who received no calls at all.

Amidst the demands of our hectic modern lifestyles, long-term commitments like fitness and health can often seem like chores.

Remember the bionic man? Well, now he’s your personal trainer. Online personal training allows the trainer to gather data on your workouts and optimise your regime based on what suits you best.

And yes, your personal trainer WILL be able to see that sneaky burger you had last night if that’s what you’re thinking.

The final rep

So, you’ve made the decision to lead a fitter lifestyle but you’re not sure whether a face-to-face personal trainer is a right step for you. If this is the case then online personal training might just be the solution. In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for a busy lifestyle or lack of funds to get in the way of becoming fitter. Online personal training can give you the expertise, support, and motivation that you’re looking for at an affordable price. We all know that life’s full of hurdles – just don’t let finding a great personal trainer be one of them.

By Fitmo CEO & Founder, Dave Roeloffs

Dave just completed his first Half-IronMan and is currently training for the New York Marathon this Fall. All with the help of a Fitmo coach of course! Try Fitmo today for 7-days absolutely free and work with a REAL personal trainer or health coach through your mobile phone.

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15 thoughts on “The 5 Benefits of Hiring an Online Personal Trainer

  1. Sarah Smith says:

    I’ve tried working out lots of times but often just end up getting injured. THansk for the advice about how a personal trainer can help you dodge injuries and set realistic goals. Hopefully, I can get a personal trainer to help whip me into shape for my wedding.

  2. Sarah Sweerts de Landas says:

    Sarah, I am so glad that our advice has helped you figure out what you want to do. Maybe you should try one of Online Personal Trainers on the Fitmo app. Good luck with the training and Congratulations on your engagement!!

  3. Erika Wolff says:

    i injured myself while running and having a PT has helped me to be able to run again. I was doing everything wrong but I had absolutely no idea. Likely how I hurt myself in the first place.

  4. Laura Sheedy says:

    I have tried it a couple of times, if I fall off the wagon then it’s so nice to have that person there when I need it. It really keeps my focus but also allows my life to happen.

  5. Ashley Warren says:

    Running is my favourite way of burning fat and keeping fit. I love it because everyone can do it and it doesn’t matter where you are. Running is best though when you’ve got a friendly, guiding hand. CoachCycle is a platform for connecting with coaches in your area and find your perfect training coach.

  6. Jenna Hunter says:

    I appreciate your comments on how an online fitness program is more flexible than a personal trainer at the gym could do. I also like that you can have access to them at any time convenient for you. I am a working mom and would like to be able to fit in a workout at any given moment when I have a few extra minutes. I think an online program would be a great idea.

  7. Ken Hwan says:

    I want to go to the gym more frequently to get my body in shape, but I have found that I am constantly pulling a muscle or injuring myself! I really like the 24 hour support that an online personal trainer can provide, especially to reduce my chances of getting an injury while working out. I will be sure to look into online personal trainers soon, and be sure that I can stay safe while working out!

  8. Frian Foster says:

    Thanks for sharing your great tips! This is very helpful and I really like your article. It also provides a lot of information that everyone should know! I want to share my knowledge too regarding personal trainer. Just visit my profile.

  9. Sam says:

    Totally agree with this! Very well summarized, I having a trainer makes all the difference in the world, when I got a personal trainer in palm desert, It was awesome he caught so many mistakes that I didn’t even know I was doing. I’ve learnt so much and haven’t been getting hurt during workouts since. My Trainer was from a gym called Trainer Joe’s Fitness. I highly recommend it it anyone wants to check it out.

  10. sac says:

    It is really good… i like it..We also provided fitness related tips. I Provided Online Personal Training classes.. So if you want any query related to fitness visit our website.

  11. I found it interesting when you said that when you work with a personal trainer you are less prone to get injured. My wife told me that she would like to lose weight and start going to the gym. I will suggest to her to contact a personal trainer so that she won’t get injured.

  12. Ellie Davis says:

    It’s interesting to know that an online personal trainer will be more available for you than your average potential trainer. My husband and I are thinking about start going to the gym, and we are looking for advice about what to do. I will let him know about the benefits of hiring a personal trainer online to help us achieve our goals.

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    There are some really interesting points made here! Thank you for sharing such great ideas!

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