Need to do some cardio but hate running? I feel you. Running is one of those things you either love or hate and it can quickly become like a chore. Thankfully, it’s not the only way to boost your cardio and have a good sweat. In today’s blog, we’ve compiled five activities that’ll have you doing cardio without even realising!

Jump rope

Did you know that 30 minutes of jump rope is equivalent to an hour of running? Getting a jumping rope could be one of the best fitness investments you can make. It’s one of the most effective forms of cardio exercise, doesn’t require much space or time, and you can take it anywhere. Only 20 seconds of swinging the rope will elevate your heart rate and have you feeling like a boxing champion.


You don’t need to go fast to raise your heart-rate and burn calories. Hikes are known for breathtaking sceneries and the beautiful pictures you can snap at the end. You won’t even think of how tired you are when you reach the top and take in the landscape. If you’re train at the gym, just put the treadmill on the maximum incline setting. Remember – the faster you go, the more calories you burn.


Everybody loves dancing to a good tune. As you move your body while dancing, you’ll strengthen your heart, improve coordination, tone your muscles and burn fat while having the time of your life! The type of dance doesn’t matter as long as you get your body moving and heart pumping. So put the music on and enjoy yourself!


Summer is just around the corner and with the good weather coming, why not keep it cool while exercising? Swimming is the best activity if you are overweight or prone to injuries since it doesn’t require you to support your own bodyweight (the water does it for you!). You can choose the intensity of the workout and if you’re not a good swimmer, there are a lot of floatable devices to help you out. Swimming targets almost every muscle in the body which makes it a good resistance training option as well.

Bodyweight training

Just like running, bodyweight training doesn’t require any equipment. Performing bodyweight exercises as high-intensity intervals will quickly get your heart pumping and get you burning calories in no time. You can easily change your workout routine with the wide range of bodyweight exercises available. Some of the best are high knees, jumping jacks, burpees, squats jumps. The list goes on…

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