New Year = New Food Trends. If it feels like every year you’re behind the curve with what’s new and trendy in food, fear not! We’ll break down some of the top trends nutritionists think will be a big hit in 2018.

Moringa Powder

If you follow the Fitmo blog, you’ll probably have heard of this one before! 2017 was arguably the year of Matcha – the green tea powder exploded onto the scene, ending up in everything from ice cream to muffins. It looks like 2018 has a new star – Moringa powder. Made by crushing the leaves of ‘The Miracle Tree of Africa’, this earthy-tasting green powder is packed with nutrients and boasts a wealth of health benefits. If you’d like to know more, check out Fitmo’s article on Moringa.


Floral garnishes are more than just for looks this year! Experts suggest that edible florals will be added to a wealth of foods – from smoothies to garnishes on your plate at a restaurant. One specifically trendy flower will be the hibiscus – it can be steeped in tea to aid blood pressure or frozen into popsicles for a cooling, floral treat.

Functional Mushrooms

Time to get your ‘shroom on. Functional mushrooms like Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane already have a cult following, but 2018 is the year they’ll be shot into the mainstream. Each one of these mushrooms boast some really potent health effects, but they’re only usually found in dietary supplements. This year they’ll be popping up in everything, but make sure to watch out for functional mushroom drinks – an easy way to get a health boost!

Stem to Root Cooking

Another one we’ve covered before! The old saying ‘waste not, want not’ comes into play with this food trend. Stem to Root cooking touts the power of using what you would usually class as ‘waste’ to add rich and deep flavours to your cooking. Lots of the time, those skins you throw out actually contain more nutrients than the food itself. Start hoarding your vegetable skins and ends, even the stems of herbs! Read more about this trend here.

Have you heard of these food trends already, or are they news to you? Will you be trying them out as part of the New Year? Let us know!

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