You decided to improve your diet and drop some unwanted body fat – and you’re killing it. Each day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner line up perfectly with your goal of a lean, healthy body. But then Friday night rolls around.

You leave work, hop in your car and throw on some early 2000’s hip hop. Ahh, yes. This is what freedom tastes like.

Unfortunately, all that freedom makes it incredibly difficult to stick to your nutrition plan. Those healthy meals you’ve been eating all week go out the window, and sauce-covered, carby goodness takes their place.

Weekends are to be enjoyed, right? Who doesn’t want to knock back a couple impossibly large meals and a few drinks? You can count me in for all of that. But does this mean you’re destined to hang onto that unwanted body fat forever? Never getting to walk around in the body you imagined for yourself?

I’m thrilled to be the one to tell you, no, you aren’t destined to stay the same forever. In fact, you can enjoy bountiful food and drink while still burning fat. All you need is a good strategy.

And… would you look at that… ​we’ve got three powerful strategies right here in this post. Check them out in the video below, and never sacrifice fat loss for an amazing weekend again.

By Fat Loss Expert, and Fitmo Coach, Mitch Heaslip

Mitch is going to get you into the best shape of your life! But what’s his secret? Mitch has developed solid methods that work for both men and women in losing weight and building muscle. With his very flexible approach, Mitch can tailor his methods to anyone. When it comes to building strength, muscle, and losing fat, his approach is second to none!

Learn more about Mitch, and working with him via the Fitmo app here.

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