If you’d told me 3 years ago that I would never use a scale again I wouldn’t believe you. At that time, I used to weigh myself every morning and I was feeling upset about my weight most of the time. In 2015, I left my parent’s home to study and had no money to spare on a scale. I was forced to stop, but it turned out to be the best thing that could happen to my mental health.

Here are 10 reasons you should put your scale in the trash ASAP.

1. Weight fluctuates.

First of all,you will rarely weigh the exact same everyday. Weight fluctuates a lot. Eating, drinking, exercise and hormones can impact your body’s water composition and therefore weight.

2. Muscle is more dense than fat.

You’re working out everyday to lose extra pounds but the scale doesn’t seem to be aware of it. Don’t freak out. Muscle is more dense than fat, meaning that when you lose fat and build muscle, you may not lose weight but your overall body composition is changing.

3. It can become an obsession.

Chasing a smaller number on the scale can become an unhealthy obsession. As long as you seek that, you will never feel satisfied. This can lead to over-exercising and eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.

4. Weighing less doesn’t mean you’re healthy.

Now this is really important.
“Weighing less” isn’t an indicator of whether you’re healthy or not. It does not tell you about your heart health, diabetes or other health problems. Check with your GP regularly!

5. Focus on how you feel.

If stepping on the scale makes you feel bad, why would you keep it?
Do you feel confident, beautiful, strong and healthy? These are the most important things to consider. Do not ruin these great feelings by stepping on the scale.

6. Focus on how you look.

If you like what you see in the mirror, why would you weigh yourself? Focus on how you see yourself, how clothes are fitting, and how firm your body is becoming instead of simply relying on numbers on the scale. It will be a better indicator of where you are in your fitness journey.

7. It can ruin your day and your motivation.

Imagine you wake up feeling great, ready to conquer the world. You get on your scale and you don’t read what you wanted to. Now you feel upset or depressed and your day is permanently ruined. You will think that all the dedication at the gym is just a waste of time and energy and you will probably lose your motivation to workout. All in all, stepping on the scale could be sabotaging your weight-loss effort.

8. It doesn’t determine your self-worth.

Emotional well being should not be attached to numbers. Beauty and self-worth is not determined by your weight. It is psychologically unhealthy to allow your scale to determine your value your self-image, and how you should feel about yourself.

9. It focuses on negatives.

When you weigh yourself, you focus on what you are giving up, cutting out and losing. Instead, you should focus on eating MORE fruits, building STRONGER muscles and feeling BETTER. Have a positive mindset about your fitness journey.

10. You will be free once you get rid of it.

It’s not easy at first, but believe me, you will feel liberated. You will learn to listen to your body more and take care of it. You will start to love your body and work for it, not against. Trade your scale for a measuring tape to track your progression with.

To summarise, there is no good reason to keep a scale at home. Do not let the scale be this abusing partner and sabotage your weight-loss journey. Get rid of it and be free!

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