Online Health Coaching for your Employees Made Simple.

Fitmo’s Coaching-As-A-Service platform allows HR managers and business owners to easily add Online Health Coaching into their existing vitality programme. Easy implementation, proven results and great reporting features, making it 100% measurable.


Why our online coaching experience really works!

Scientifically validated results

21% less stress, 25% fewer burn-outs and 17% more engagement.

Drives sustainable behaviour change

The most cost-effective way to drive behaviour change that truly lasts.

You only pay for active users

We aim to drive value, this means that you only pay for engaged users.

Finally insight into an ROI

Finally, a measurable vitality programme. Spot new trends and understand your ROI better.

Easy to implement. Easier to manage

Our Coaching-As-A-Service solution fits right into your existing vitality programme.

91% retention after 30 days of use

Fitmo scores 300% higher than market standards when it comes to keeping employees engaged.



This is what your employees can expect.

1. Pick a coach from the marketplace

Our carefully curated health coaches are all thoroughly trained to be the best online coaches. Employees have the ability to select their preferred coaching time, health goal, and coach to ensure that they get the best match.

2. Do your intake

The second step is to set up a video call with their coach to get to know one another, discuss challenges and set the action plan. Employees also fill out a vitality questionnaire that the coach evaluates and keeps as a reference.

3. Get 100% personalised support

During coaching, employees have access to a fully personalised schedule and support from their coach. They can ask questions via text message or video chat, complete activities that their coach adds to their schedule, and track their progress.

4. See lasting results

Opposed to most offerings, Fitmo focusses on lasting behaviour change. Gym memberships, management training, all help to build awareness but they – in most cases – do not change behaviour. Fitmo does by offering an intensive, one-on-one, 6-month program.


The implementation & workflow management

We take care of everything, from setup to end reports, so you can focus on other important things.

1. Internal communication

First, we need to get your employees excited about the new vitality programme. No worries, we offer tools, services and advice for easy implementation. You get a landing page where your employees can read more information, a marketing-kit to help promote Fitmo on your own channels, and hands-on advice to ensure great interest.

2. Signup management

An often underestimated process that can easily drain time and lead to frustration if not done properly. Fitmo platform will manage this for you. From applications to seat allocation and making sure employees’ expectations are managed along the way. Optionally, a pre-vitality check can be added to this process to drive better reports and allocate budget to those who need it the most.

3. Coaching & Measurability

We guarantee the best, certified health coaches, specialising in online coaching – which is different from traditional, face-to-face coaching. Standard reporting options include detailed usage reports. Reports can also be enhanced by adding a health check before and after coaching via our integration partners. Of course, all reports are GDPR compliant. Individual participation and results are not shared with the employer. This ensures that employees can join anonymously, making it more appealing for those who are weary and often need it the most.


Backed by extensive research from leading universities and experts.

In collaboration with UvA and VU, our scientific research shows that our online health coaching solution has a positive impact on the most significant influencers of productivity and presenteeism.

Just Carry On

Your Fitmo coach will work with you to discuss which diet/ exercise fits best in your life. Nothing is imposed. I also liked my coach showed me that not everything is ruined if you don’t stick to the plan, for a few days. Just continue where you left off until it becomes a habit.

Manon B.

A Must

I have been working with my coach for half a year now and can say that it is bearing fruit. My weight goes down, and I feel a lot fitter. In short: for me, Fitmo is a must!

Harry S.

No time like the present.

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