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Our partners will ...

Provide us access to many new potential users and coaches. Below you will find an overview of the most relevant facts about our partners.

  • 3000 Hotels

    Via our partner IRIS, we have access to 3,000 hotels and their guests.

  • 750,000 rooms

    With an average of 250 beds per hotel, this means a total of 750,000 rooms.

  • 500,000 check-ins per day

    The average duration per trip is 1.5 day, which means half a million check-ins every single day.

  • 15,000,000 monthly reach

    Every guest has access to IRIS’s guest services platform and with it Fitmo's health and fitness services.

  • 10 countries in 10 months

    Vifitsport will be rolling out their new product line to 10 European countries in the coming year accompanied with unique coaching services provided by Fitmo.

  • 70,000,000 runners

    Fitmo will profit from Vifitsport's marketing and sales efforts as they promote their protein-rich products and the coaching service to 70 million runners.

  • 15,000 new coaches

    Our partnership with MyZone results in 15,000 new potential personal trainers, ensuring plenty of coach supply on the Fitmo marketplace to support to demand influx.

  • 300,000 MyZone users

    Aside from the 15,000 coaches, this partnership gives us access to MyZone's 300,000 users who desire remote coaching alongside their face-to-face coaching.

  • 2,500 running coaches

    The collaboration with the Dutch Association of Athletics is meant to help their 2,500 running coaches extend their coaching services online.

  • 140,000 member

    Athletiekunie currently has 140,000 members training offline with affiliated clubs and coaches. Many of these clients desire online support alongside their offline sessions.

Investments from €10,000

Why get in today?

The graph below illustrates the growth of the total transactions* that is expected to happen as we roll out the partnerships mentioned above. We have already started implementation. It is a matter of execution.

(*Total Transactions is the sum of all payments collected on behalf of coaches from the consumers. This is before coaches are paid out their share.)


Proof that our channel partners drive sales

With the increase in transactions*, we will have the evidence required to close a deal with one of the interested VC’s. They belong to the world’s most prestigious venture capitalists and have said they’d like to see roughly €70,000 monthly transactions ($1 million annual run rate) to get involved. Our current partnerships can easily provide the consumer demand we need to get there and well beyond.

We expect to raise as series-A in the second quarter of 2018. By then, your investment would be roughly 320% of what you invest today. (Including 20% dilution during series-A)



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