Make vitality a priority without compromising

As an HR manager, you have a lot to take care of, and vitality is sometimes left aside. However, preventing absenteeism and making sure that your employees are healthy and happy also reflects on your company’s health. We offer all the tools and services you need to get a healthier workforce, without compromising on your other tasks.

How we transform individuals and organisations

We help organizations build happier, healthier, more-fulfilled workforces by giving your workers access to the tailored support they need to advance in all aspects of their lives.

By investing in your employees with coaching, you’re building a high-performing culture that boosts your company’s growth.



100% personalised, fully automated, absenteeism prevention solution.

Changing employees’ behaviour is not easy. It requires the right stimuli delivered at the right time. Fitmo Vitality combines Artificial Intelligence with behaviour change science to deliver personalised content and services that drive sustainable behaviour change – no matter the size of your workforce.

Easy to set up. Even easier to manage.

Rest assured, knowing that your employees have access to a professional vitality programme accessible the whole year-round. It’s easy to set up. Select the plan that fits your needs, set your budget, and sit back while Fitmo proactively supports your employees on their personal journey towards a healthier, happier version of themselves.

Offering extreme measurability to help determine your ROI.

As an HR manager, it’s crucial to be able to measure your investments. With Fitmo, you will get high quality, in-depth reporting of employees’ trends and engagement to get a clear picture of your ROI.

Proven results

Fitmo has been scientifically validated in collaboration with VU university. 

Higher overall employee productivity

More positive employees (fewer depressed thoughts)

Lowered probability of employee burn out  

ROI*. This means service breaks even at 0.98% increase

*Based on an employee with an average Dutch annual gross salary of €36,500

Request our interim research results.

If you’d like to learn more about our study and the results, we’d be more than happy to send you more information.

Powerful alone. Even better together.

Fitmo offers a full-fledged vitality platform consisting of software, human coaching services and high-quality content to keep your workforce healthy. Our modules are powerful alone, but even better when used together.

Awareness delivery software

Personalised health content delivered using smart technology and behaviour change science at its core.
Key benefits:
  • 100% personalised content
  • Raises health-awareness
  • Adapts to employee’s progress

Online Health coaching

Truly personalised support to drive sustainable healthy behaviour.
Key benefits:
  • 1 on 1 guidance by professional coaches
  • Daily support via the Fitmo app
  • Scientifically proven effective

Live & on-demand Webinars

Hundreds of live and on-demand webinars every year that help raise awareness and educate.
Key benefits:
  • Tips and tricks from professionals
  • An employee can stay anonymous
  • Stream past webinars on-demand

Chat with a coach

An online consultation, 1 on 1, with a professional health coach designed to break through barriers.
Key benefits:
  • On-demand & anonymous
  • Professional health coach
  • Company reports to understand trends