On-demand, online chat with a coach to help remove personal barriers.

This low threshold solution is designed to attract staff members who have a higher risk profile. Employees can book a 30-minute call with one of our carefully curated certified coaches to ask their questions or talk about their personal challenges.


A great stepping-stone

Making the first step towards a healthier lifestyle can be daunting for some people. Sometimes, all that one needs is for a professional coach to tell them what they already know or to help remove a mental blocker.

Chat with a coach anytime, anywhere

Employees can book a 30-minute online call via our platform and pick their preferred coach, time, and date – when and where it suits them.

Employees stay anonymous

It is crucial that employees feel that they are in a safe space and know that they can open up without any repercussions. The calls remain anonymous.

Discover common issues and trends

Anonymous reports are available for HR managers to understand on a high level the common issues that your employees face. Discover trends and take action to improve the underlying problems without breaking the trust of your employees.

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